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Job Title: Compliance Manager

Job Description:

Responsible for:
(i) verifying and improving Advantage’s regulator and compliance policies and procedures with regards to all regulatory state and federal bodies and credit law;

(ii) reviewing the majority of high-net worth/high-risk financing agreements and vet large-scale communications to ensure compliance concerning sales of securities and the rules and regulations of the SEC;

(iii) advise outside counsel on internal practices, C-Suite employees and other internal management to ensure there are no violations;

(iv) filing and responding to compliance reports by regulatory agencies while ensuring policies and guidelines created are upheld;

(v) collaborate with third parties on Advantage’s behalf such as legal counsel, operations, HR, etc., to review contracts, subpoenas, complaints, discovery,  and assist with responses to the same;

(vi) coordinating and assisting in reviewing risk procedures concerning data privacy and compliance with applicable security laws related to privacy-related incidents and communications due to the financial nature of the industry;

(vii) preparing management reports, and serving as point of contact for financial, credit, and investment complaints, lawsuits, internal and external audits;

(viii) providing high-level support so that high-level Advantage personnel and management can make high-level informed decisions concerning legal and financial risk exposures as the result of certain financing agreements;

(ix) informing officers and employees of domestic and international changes in the industry regulatory framework; and

(x) assessing company’s exposure across different industries by analyzing all in-force contracts, client default risk, and matters in litigation.

Job Requirements:

Must possess a Master’s Degree (or foreign equivalent) in Law and 1 year of experience as a Paralegal, Legal Assistant, or Administrative Assistant. Must also possess experience with:

(i) US and European corporate and regulatory law, especially in relation to the merchant cash advance industry, credit finance, capital markets, mergers/acquisition, and bankruptcy;

(ii) US and European court filing systems and procedure;

(iii) US and European debt collection processes;

(iv) business due diligence including financial and legal review, analysis and evaluation;

(v) problem-solving in a legal setting;

(vi) US and European legal document drafting and reviewing e.g. drafting of Merchant Cash Advance contracts, Forbearance Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Affidavits of Confessions, Confessions of Judgment, Plaintiffs Affidavits, Plaints, Complaints, Responses, Answers, Notices of Motions and Informational Subpoenas;

(vii) managing a team in the Merchant Cash Advance or Lending industry where there are set targets that the team is required to meet; and

(viii) Merchant Cash Advance-related business vetting, funding and collection workflow tools and/or practices.

Resume to: Advantage Platform Services Inc, Attn: Aaron Greenblott, CFO, 104 East 25th Street, Floor 10, New York, NY 10010  

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